Evolution of Possible

We are creators of authentic surface applications and products that include metal, concrete, terrazzo, terracotta, stone and glass.
Solid surface basin with custom brass viper finish


All surfaces deserve to be transformed into something imaginative and intriguing.

We are dedicated to designing, creating, and uncovering new and unexpected solutions in the journey of surface exploration.

Through the chemical bonding of semi-precious metals, concrete, and terracotta onto any substrate, in a variety of textures and designs, we enable materials to be used in ways and places not previously considered possible due to complexity, weight or cost.

From entrance doors, to super-yacht interiors and our own design-award winning bathroom ware, we are confident Axolotl has a range of surface treatments unlike anything you have seen or imagined.

Axolotl Flower Sculpture at Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Sustainability Drives Us

From our coastal roots close to the Pacific Ocean, Axolotl is inspired by and connected to nature, and every part of our process is about saving materials.

  • All of our metal powders are from 100% recycled sources.
  • Our process uses a fraction of the raw material associated with metal, concrete or terracotta fabrication.
  • We use no heat, kilns, cooling or excess water.
  • We work with exact quantities, meaning close to zero unnecessary waste, off-cuts or overages.
As the world leader in luxury surfaces, we recognise the role we play in seeking to reduce our environmental footprint in both the areas where we manufacture and deliver.

Axolotl Surfaces.

Axolotl is Global

Please reach out to your nearest Axolotl Advisor for further information or to schedule a virtual meeting.

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