Custom Surfaces


Axolotl Terracotta retains the integrity of natural terracotta with variance in texture and colour, whilst enabling it to be utilised in situations never before considered possible in design.

The terracotta aesthetic can now be realised anywhere you may normally use aluminum, CFC sheeting or stainless steel, yet in virtually any size or shape. As a coating, it's easily integrated into architectural projects, as it can be bonded onto traditional building materials, standard shapes and forms.

Additionally, the issues of shrinkage, weight, scale and manufacturing times found with traditional terracotta are dramatically improved.

Axolotl Terracotta is offered in a range of colours and has unlimited design potential with Axolotl’s in-house ability to carve or etch virtually any design in the surface.

Terracotta has long been a part of our built environment as a beautiful and timeless building product, used throughout the world by leading architects such as Renzo Piano. Now Axolotl Terracotta reinvents this classic beauty to be more cost and production effective, without losing any of its aesthetic qualities.