Opening the Unthinkable

Interior doors no longer have to be perceived as mere dividers between rooms in homes. The potential for a door to define a room’s tone and enhance its aesthetic gives doors a newfound meaning and purpose. Given the abandonment of conventional thinking and design, their aperture and role can be amplified in the architectural sense. Enter the pivot door.

Rotating on a vertical axis, pivot doors embrace clean lines and a modern style with smooth, fluid movement. And while their hardware is virtually invisible, their impact is not. Unlike many of their swinging or sliding counterparts, pivot doors command a room with oversized proportions. Like any door, oversized doors can be made from countless materials. As pioneers in the surface arena, Axolotl has mastered the art of adhering real, semi-precious metals to virtually any substrate, rendering the surface with the appearance of solid metal. The application of a metal coating in zinc, copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, nickel, iron, pewter and more to an MDF door results in anything but ordinary. Starting with an MDF canvas only 0.5mm thick, Axolotl transforms these soon-to-be pivoting portals into spectacular, hand-sculpted pieces of metal that are indistinguishable from actual metal slabs. Unlike a laminate, Axolotl surfaces can be applied on all sides and edges without seams, making the object appear solid. It’s this feat of design, engineering, craftsmanship, and creativity that allows an object once confined to a hinged and small in stature existence to one that serves as much as a breathtaking work of art as it does a transitional element from one room to the next.


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