Metal, Concrete and Terracotta Fluted Columns – made simple for designers.

Axolotl Doric brings fluted surface to life

Axolotl Doric Garage Doors in Anthra Zinc
Axolotl Garage Door in Doric Texture

Axolotl Doric is one of our most popular textures and now designers can deploy this technique across a wide range of surfaces: entry doors, garages, facades and even kitchen cabinetry.

We can create Doric texture into a range of substrates suitable for interior and exterior use. Once created, your choice of Axolotl Applied Metal, Concrete or Terracotta can be applied.

Axolotl Doric Texture Examples

Doric Pivot Door - Applied Metal Pewter
Detail of an Axolotl Doric Door in a polished Pewter finish
Rust routed garage door
Axolotl Doric Garage Door in a Cast Rust finish
Axolotl Doric reception desk in Shale (concrete) finish

Learn more on our dedicated Doric page

See more use cases, photo examples, technical information and ‘how to order’ on our dedicated Doric page.


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