Making the Beast Beautiful

Every surface presents an opportunity for startling, unanticipated beauty. And no two executions are ever the same. No matter the application, unique and sophisticated are two of the tenets we live by when conceiving bespoke solutions that push what’s possible to the outer edges.

Such is the case with the Axolotl partnership with Fortified Ballistic Security, makers of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind high-security doors. The exquisite appearance of a Copper Cortex Florentine custom door conceals the indomitable reinforced steel and cutting-edge technology within. Integrated home automation, biometric locks, bullet-proof cameras, and more embedded directly into the door offer the utmost peace of mind for whomever takes up residence behind the veritable fortress. Proof that security should never compromise design, a door becomes an innovative work of art; an entryway designed to deter and protect is simultaneously transformed into the bold and wonderful.

By elevating what’s possible, beauty and security coexist in perfect, impenetrable harmony.


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