Axolotl Embodies the Essence of Material

Axolotl Mantra Title Image Materials, can represent the expression of an idea or concept embodied in the final design of any product. Materials possess an array of unique properties and qualities, as well as inherent constraints that often challenge and impede design. Enter Axolotl: a team of artisans  and alchemists who have reinvisioned and re-engineered material itself to […]

3 Axolotl Reception Counters That Inspired Us

Axolotl Wentworth Hotel Bar Counter in Bronze Florentine

The Wentworth Hotel – Bronze Florentine Designers that understand the versatility of Axolotl Applied Metal immediately start to conceptualise how they can create metal surfaces that would otherwise be too complex. A great example of is the Wentworth Hotel Bar Counter, with its many layers of bevelled, angled, aged bronze florentine facets. A truly luxurious […]

Metal, Concrete and Terracotta Fluted Columns – made simple for designers.

Bronze 3d printed door with christmas tree in corner

Axolotl Doric brings fluted surface to life Axolotl Garage Door in Doric Texture Axolotl Doric is one of our most popular textures and now designers can deploy this technique across a wide range of surfaces: entry doors, garages, facades and even kitchen cabinetry. We can create Doric texture into a range of substrates suitable for […]

Axolotl Pivot Doors in the USA

Axolotl Doric Pivot Door in Studio

A Range of Hand-crafted Luxury Pivot Doors Axolotl pivot doors are available with a full range of metal, concrete and terracotta finishes – all hand polished surfaces that bring warmth and texture to the exterior and interior of your home. They also accommodate the dream of many homeowners – an oversize entrance door that makes […]

Utilitarian Art

Utilitarian As Art

Perhaps a door is not a door, but an artistic expression disguised as an entryway. Doors conceived from the minds at Axolotl are perceived less as a utilitarian item and more as a point of functional sculpture. With the ability to print almost any three-dimensional design onto our doors, no matter how intricate, the once […]

Making Light Out Of Heavy

Decorative wall covering made from Axolotl stone

By embracing cutting-edge materials and adopting a mindset that boundaries were meant to be pushed to their outermost limits, we continue to reinvent what’s currently possible. At our core, we crave a level of craftsmanship like we have seen nowhere else. Through tenacity and creativity, we find ourselves smashing expectations that result in exclusive iterations […]

Making the Beast Beautiful

Making the Beast Beautiful

Every surface presents an opportunity for startling, unanticipated beauty. And no two executions are ever the same. No matter the application, unique and sophisticated are two of the tenets we live by when conceiving bespoke solutions that push what’s possible to the outer edges. Such is the case with the Axolotl partnership with Fortified Ballistic […]

Defying Physics

Can a clay-based ceramic be mimicked so flawlessly that its physical properties match that of the actual earthenware substrate? That is our pioneering spirit at work in the relentless pursuit or turning the impossible into possible. Axolotl Terracotta is simpler and more cost effective than traditional processes. Replicating the natural aesthetic of terracotta perfectly, is […]