Constructing Favourable Contradictions

As a lustrous and malleable thermal conductor, metal inherently gives off an impression of cold as compared to some of its other surfacing counterparts. So, how do you create a warm and inviting ambience yet sophisticated with an edge? How do we deliver it within a large lobby with the intention to encourage people to meet and congregate?

The concept and design oversight were to “renew the 55 Clarence Street by drawing inspiration from the unique scape of Sydney’s Clarence Street by designing a space to activate the area, create artful ambience, and a welcoming feeling.”

It takes a number of considerations and the designers at Gray Puksand found a way to invite warmth into a physical space adorned in applied metal. In their recently completed renewal of the entry foyer at 55 Clarence Street in Sydney, Gray Puksand and Axolotl applied Gold Bronze metal sheets in a smooth finish, across the walls of the lobby. The hand-polished treatment injects warmth and visual softness working as the perfect anchoring backdrop to the dynamic space. The Axolotl treatment was also bonded to the vertical blades behind the reception desk, where Gray Puksand have used recessed uplighting to wash over the blades, highlighting the warmth and variation of the surface.

Gray Puksand share with us their intention for the space; “The desired design outcome was to create a space that acts as a destination within the building rather than a thoroughfare. Each setting within the lobby creates opportunities to spark serendipitous encounters, provoking opportunities to meet and work, through carefully curated pieces with integrated power and technology.”


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