Evolution is Possible

An in-depth exploration of some of our collaborations

Axolotl are the most awarded aesthetic surfaces company in the world, and for the past 27 years, Axolotl have been focused on the spiritual and the technical, the conceptual and the practical, the digital and the hand-crafted. 

Axolotl are unique, having mastered the technique of bonding inflexible materials such as real metals, concrete, and terracotta to any substrate, as well as parity-breaking applications of glass. The unbridled nature of our product offering provides for a unique expression of design that arguably has no bounds for the architects, designers, and art collaborators who seek out new paradigms of creativity and functionality.

There is an intoxicating duality in the surfaces, of rawness and grit as well as a very refined and polished presence, that is always going to challenge and intrigue the design community, as it is inclusive to all design genres.

Talk to us about the exploration of this rarity in the world of design, and all it has to offer in the process of revolutionizing how the design community re-thinks the very notion of surfaces.

    We’re an international group of dedicated professionals, committed to creative authenticity. Working together to deliver quality products with the integrity demanded by the best fashion, haute couture and hospitality brands in the industry.

    If you’re interested in collaborating with us to create something extraordinary, please get in touch.