3 Axolotl Reception Counters That Inspired Us

The Wentworth Hotel - Bronze Florentine

Axolotl Wentworth Hotel Bar Counter in Bronze Florentine

Designers that understand the versatility of Axolotl Applied Metal immediately start to conceptualise how they can create metal surfaces that would otherwise be too complex.

A great example of is the Wentworth Hotel Bar Counter, with its many layers of bevelled, angled, aged bronze florentine facets. A truly luxurious statement piece.

Axolotl Concrete Counter

Axolotl Layered Reception in Concrete Shale

Another example of a counter that would be extremely complex and unmanageably massive had it been constructed from solid concrete.

Instead the designer was able to achieve this complicated layered concrete design using Axolotl Shale on a timber substrate.

Pan Pacific Melbourne

Pan Pacific Melbourne Counter Brass Smooth Brown Florentine 3DPrinted Map

We can’t take all the credit for this magnificent reception counter: the marble fascia, timber surround and extraordinary wall hanging are all by other great makers.

However we do believe the Axolotl component ties it all together, with a highly detailed map of Melbourne being rendered in aged bronze at the right hand end of the counter.

No one else is able to achieve this level of complexity in fine metalwork, and we think it looks remarkable in this setting.

Contact an Axolotl Adviser to discover how Axolotl surfaces can enhance your next design.


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